Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've had my favorites of course.
Teddy bears of every shape, size, and keeping
Still smile and line the yellow walls in that dusted room
For a moment I imagine they are each a different brother
Gracing me one by one with a summer day and a shiny penny.

The slightly warm cake tastes like Mommy's hands 
Smells of years three through ten
Beads of blue chlorine drip drop off tangles in my hair
As I squint at other tiny pink faces drowning under my fins
And cherry was not my favorite flavor
No, not even now...
Cherry-out of the concession's trove- made me cry
Just as the wimpy presents, belated applauses and 
Candles that would not go out
Those fireworks that went on forever and made my eyes sore
So I wasted wishes on the fate of flames.

What hunger did press its way from those swelling breasts?
What lovely grief and yearning
For a way to move both forward and far, far away
While returning still to icy teethers-
So sweetly benumbing on roots just beginning.

Today is my birthday
The number ten added onto nine other feline attempts
Finding new life after every tragedy of curiosity...
"Happy birthday to the lonely heart,
Happy happy happy her
See how she glitters off the April sun"
Skipping now to the song of confetti falling
Round a long table in a wider room
Over my grown-up lashes and painted mouth
The slightly cold ice cream tastes like raspberry dreams
And my most favorite of flavors is 
Salad green.