Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Crib :)

I made this!
Here you go, Mom and Dad. This is Jonathan's and my first living quarters :) Some of them are very random, but I wanted you to get the full effect...haha.
The calendar we made of us :)
Bountiful temple picture frame above the table
Dana drew these for us around Christmas time. I think they're fabulous. And above is the misprinted article for Parma, announcing our wedding date.
The table, salt & pepper, and bronze basket with a half-rotten banana :)
Our little shrine...
This is Ramone- our pet alligator. He resides on the couch and occasionally in the windowsill.
Our orchid HenryJolly.
Our biggest wedding picture framed in the apartment.
The blanket Mom made us sitting on the TV (used for movie watching and cuddling time!) and a cute sign I picked up at the bookstore here: "Happily Ever After"
Our vertical hanging frame.
Knife set, piggy cutter, and yummy-smelling Yankee candle.
Our 3 jars of jollyranchers, chocolate, and spiced peaches :)
Spice rack, cooking canisters, and utensil can. (I know! It's so exciting! lol)
The view from our bedroom door.
If you turned around from the last picture, this is what you would see.....ahem...our bedroom :)
The stylish bathroom!

Our troublesome couch, lantern lamp, and fun curtains.
I thought I'd throw this one in, it's me and Ryleigh! She's grown up so much!

Monday, March 16, 2009

light and dark

"beautiful words"
"lovey imagery"
they said.

my audience was deceived, most surely-
where went the darkness i struggled so hard against to paint?
truly they had not stepped into my shadow.

well, i can't blame them. not really.

and now i hesitate my brush's bloodied streak...for light overcomes.
beautiful words, indeed.
lovely words.