Monday, February 2, 2009


i sputtered to a stop the day we met.

and my poems were nothing from that day on...there was no grief to record. no laments, no regrets.

it is simply too hard to say how much his soul blends with mine
how lovely his voice sounds in my beating flesh
how perfectly our bodies shape into one another
how much Life has bloomed and burst through those old deaths

he is my own.
to love and to cherish, forever.
and that means FOREVER- no end- through time and time..
i cry and feel so small to think of it without him.

we spend days in bed, touching his hands touching my hair and that makes me
melt like warm snow right onto the sheets
we spend hours talking of our pasts and dreams and bad habits and annoyances and cravings
we spend moments picking out the colors in our two pairs of blue eyes
finding every color of light but blue
and his sweet lips kiss the bones on my neck and i feel like dancing on the surface of the dust that swirls around our window
there is no air left
i cannot let it enter into my throat
the oxygen doesn't get past the door
because he takes it all away just by his silent vision, there asleep on the pillow
head turned towards me, fingers entwined in mine...
3 am and i cannot let myself sleep with this angel next to me

so i dream with eyes wide open.


sarahbeth said...

that made me tear up! i loved it's so wonderful : )

sarahbeth said...

sorry, i had to say one more thing! i loved the part where you talked about your eyes and finding every color but blue :) that made me smile. it's so personal and revealing of your true self when you're with him. love you

lindsey*jane said...

thanks sarahbeth :) it is a but like i told you no one reads my blog anymore but you anyways..and if they have a problem then to heck with it. im in love. :)

love you too, course.

lindsey*jane said...

wow. i called you sarahbeth without realizing that was your user name. now i feel coldly impersonal. so pretend i called you sarah lou :) k? k.